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Nice try CTT, but not good enough really

Chris Hutchinson’s efforts seem to be bearing fruit as in the recent CTT Newsletter there is a paragraph announcing the facility to specify Bicycle or Tricycle on the on-line entry form. Unfortunately, from my limited perusal of the CTT website, this option only appears to be present on Tricycle Association events, and only on solo ones for that matter. These events are limited to tricycle riders only so what is the point? 

Well, I guess its the thin edge of the wedge, but we need to work on the CTT some more. 

3 Comments on Nice try CTT, but not good enough really

  1. I contacted CTT after trying to enter on-line during the summer and got a very ‘so what’ reply from them. They suggested that I use a different e-mail address (I already use a different one to normal as my wife and I use a common address and she rides TT’s) to the one I had been using and set up another ‘account’ for Trike entries. My reply was I will use a paper form which the organiser was not very pleased. They really need to get themselves sorted.

  2. John Thompson // December 31, 2018 at 12:49 pm // Reply

    The enhanced system enables you to enter both your last 3 year and lifetime PBs for both bike and trike, but, as Martin says, for event entry the system assumes you are on a bike for all but TA events. Even the Lincoln Wheelers trike only event assumes bike entry.

    Rather than giving up internet entry and the CTT, I think the TA should write to the CTT officially, thanking them for their efforts so far but pointing out what needs to be done. They may object that almost all entries are for bikes – but a ‘switch’ button set with a default of bike but with the ability to switch it to trike would not create any extra effort for bike entrants.

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