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Norman Maggs Funeral

I have received the following from the undertakers that conducted Norman’s funeral:

Dear Martin
This morning I led the funeral of the late Norman Maggs who I believe is known to your association.
For reasons we may never know; there was no family in attendance and I’m led to believe there was only one surviving nephew.
The congregation was well represented by the cycling community and from an ‘outsider’s view’, I was very moved by those that had made the effort to attend, some of whom had cycled a fair distance. I presume many of his friends from the cycling world were unable to make it and so I thought I would send you my script of the service that was celebrated to pass on as you wish or make use in anyway on your website.
If you can make use of it; please pass on my appreciation to those who attended – it was a great tribute.
Yours sincerely
Darren Anders (Funeral Celebrant) 

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  1. Chris Gardner // July 7, 2015 at 1:09 am // Reply

    I have just stumbled upon this by accident: I knew Norman Maggs only briefly in the 1970s, after he stopped to look at my trike outside work. I was still at school then, and it was my daily transport!

    I am sad to hear of his passing. It was he who introduced me to the TA and, having just retrieved my trike from 35 years’ storage, only this weekend, I shall think of him as I re-commission it.

    • Hello Chris – nice to see your comment I knew Norman well, he introduced me to many good cycling cafes when I started cycling in the late 1980s and enjoyed many youth hostelling week-ends. Hope your enjoying riding the trike again, I am sure Norman would be pleased! 10

  2. I’ve just found out from the executors that I am possibly the last remaining relative of Norman’s. I’m very sad to hear of his passing, particularly because I’m a keen cyclist myself. I wish I’d known about this family member as I thought all my relatives had now died. I started cycling in the 1970’s and was a member of Leigh Premier CC and later, Wigan Wheelers. I can’t really understand why Norman was never mentioned as Standish was just a few miles away. I rode through it hundreds of times on my way to the Unicorn cafe at Walton let Dale. A trike is a machine I’ve never ridden! I’ve seen the photo of Norman smoking his pipe while riding his tricycle many times and laughed, never realising he was my only remaining family.

    • Hello Colin,
      I knew Norman well, we have been on many cycling week-ends Youth Hostelling and day rides together – he use to go on the Saturday morning Wigan Wheelers ride from Rogersons when I furst started cycling as a 12 year old at Orrel Post in the late 80s and early 90s. Norman was a life long member of the Mersey Roads Cycling club but had been a second claim member of the wheelers early in his cycling career.
      A few of his old cycling friends still go to Wigan Cricket Club on Monday evenings 8:30 onwards for a drink if you ever want to call in for a chat about Norman.

  3. |Allan Austin // October 26, 2015 at 8:14 pm // Reply

    Thanks, sadness and memories of Norman Maggs.
    Thanks to Martin for finding the photograph of Normnan as I knew amnd remember him when we rode together; and to Roger for publishing it.
    I got to know Norman via Alan Atherton, still a member and a very close cycling mate of Norman; when I was with the Wigan Wheelers and the N.W. CTC DA.
    Alan and Norman jointly owned a light-blue longbarrow and I became inrigued and desperately wanted to master three wheels. Alan took from his shed, a black, old trike which he lent me for the weekend. He never mentioned it was fixed wheel but after coming off three times over that weekend – I was hooked.
    Next natural proression – to fit a conversion to my Carlton and so, on a grey, rainy Sunday morning joined the few already gathered and waiting under the shelter of Darlington Street railway bridge. New to the club routines, waiting for what? And THEN IT APPEARED; something I had never seen before – a tandem trike driven by a deceptively thin, lttle man wearing NHS ‘John Lennon’ specs, resplendant in deerstalker and puffing like a locomotive – on a Sherlock Homes pipe. Behind him his much bulkier ‘stoker

  4. Hello Allan, nice to see your comment about Norman – his trike and pipe have had many a mention! I have ridden on many youth hostel trips with Norman and his trike but never saw the pipe in action!

  5. Interesting reading the comments above about Norman. Colin above is my father in law and we each have a trike or two of Norman’s that are undergoing restoration as I type, including a Jack Taylor and a Higgins. Does anyone have contact info for Alan Atherton? It would be nice to hear some stories from a close friend of Norman’s
    If so please pass on my details 07711983889

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