The start sheet :


Tricycle Association (North West Region)

10 mile time trial for Tricycles

Promoted for and on behalf of Cycling Time Trials under their Rules and Regulations”

Saturday 21stMarch 2020 Course J2/3

Headquarters – Allostock Village Hall

Princess Rd WA16 9LN

First rider off at 2.01 pm

Timekeepers – Graham Lawrence & Martin Jackson


Fastest: Opening Time Trial Trophy and TA Medal

Fastest on Handicap: TA Medal

Vet on Standard (best plus): NW Regional Certificate

Event Secretary: Dennis Hornby

5 Chestnut Grove, Barnton, CW8 4ST

01606 782470 / 07583022788

Course : J2/3 – 10 miles


In Twemlow Lane at a “JS4” mark 5 yards East of Hermitage Lane

Proceed East to the A535 at Twemlow Green

Left (with Caution) along A535 to: –

Chelford Island 5.661 miles

Encircle Island (WITH CARE) and retrace along the A535 To: –

FINISH – 10.00 miles

At a “JF4” mark on South verge of A 535 at end of straight just before Yellow Broom Restaurant at Twemlow Green and adjacent to Right Hand gatepost of field gate marked with ‘JB’ in the middle.

This event is run in conjunction with an the Manchester & District Time Trials Association event who we thank for accommodating us with their 10 mile time trial.


HQ is Allostock Village Hall

To the start: from the HQ, ride south on A50 to 3rd left Twemlow Lane in Cranage. Allow 15 mins to cycle there

On Collecting numbers – All Competitors MUST SIGN – Sign on Sheet

      Hcap Vet Std Start
1 Vic Trigger Crewe Clarion Wh 14 24 33 36 14 01
2 Malc McAllister Seamons CC 14 59 35 07  
3 Norman Fenn Team Echelon 16 00 35 07  
4 Alan Shuttleworth Weaver Valley CC 11 54 33 21  
5 Sid Charlton Lincoln Wh CC 12 22 31 17 14 05
6 Lez Young Lincoln Wh CC 06 53 31 59  

Local Regulations

No parking at start or finish other than timekeepers & officials

Care at Road Junctions

Riders must exercise care at all junctions. Any competitor whose riding line causes him/her to cross the white line when approaching or leaving a junction will be liable to disqualification and may be Reported to the District Committee for further disciplinary action.

Care at Chelford Island

Riders must negotiate Chelford Island in a safe & sensible manner in accordance with CTT Regulation 20 & the rules of the road. Riders must be able to brake& stop at the island if traffic conditions require this. Riders MUST NOT approach the island using tri-bars. Remember – traffic on the island has priority over traffic (including riders) entering it. Any rider seen in breach of this regulation will be disqualified from the event and may be reported for further disciplinary action

All competitors – please be aware of CTT Reg 14(i)

No competitor shall be allowed to start unless such competitor has affixed to the rear of their machine a working rear red light, either flashing or contant, that is illuminated and in a position that is clearly visible to other road users.


Downloadable version (PDF):


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