This was held on a beautiful afternoon (9th August) in the gentle town of Halesworth, North Suffolk, in conjunction with the Flat Section of the Veteran-Cycle Club. We gathered at the Focus Café on the Thoroughfare for 3pm and sat in the blazing sun drinking tea of coffee and catching up on happenings since we last met, Jane Moore’s epic ride during the previous week paramount. We also filled up the crevasses that had occurred since lunchtime. Eventually Organiser Cally Calloman called us to order and led the contestants: Bill Ives; Wayne Mann; Martin Badham; Ferg Muir; Kate Churchill; Andrew Pattle and Alan Nye and their variety of mounts dating from Martin’s 2010 Trykit to Wayne’s 1921 James, including a couple of Kendrick style tricycles, across the car park, under the cycle-route underpass to the start of the Millenium Green Cycle Path. Sadly Alan had a problem negotiating a corner on his Roman Way machine and fell onto a low wall. He was only winded but decided to call it a day and bade us farewell.

The start was next to the skateboard park so while the youngsters acrobatted behind us we set off on our more leisurely sport. All having completed the course and their times recorded, we had another opportunity for a chat before the second round. This time, a lot of the pedestrians, dogs, cows and other cyclists had mostly gone home for tea so there was less obstructions, which made Kate’s time difference betwixt the rides of 2 seconds very impressive.
We then repaired back to the Focus Tea rooms for a large pot of tea and Cally’s announcement of the results:

1. Kate Churchill – 1988 Longstaff – 2 second difference – AAoR&M+TiS* = 660;

2. Andrew Pattle – 1960 Jack Taylor Kendrick – 19 second difference – AAoR&M+TiS* = 600;

3. Ferg Muir – 1963 Higgins – 29 seconds difference – AAoR&M+TiS* = 727;

4. Wayne Mann – 1921 James – 43 seconds difference – AAoR&M+TiS* = 828;

5. Martin Badham – 2010 Trykit – 55 seconds difference – AAoR&M+TiS* = 618;

6. Bill Ives – 1935 Freddie Folds – 1 min 38 seconds difference – AAoR&M+TiS* = 653;

DNS Alan Nye – Roman Way of unknown vintage.

Wayne Mann received the special prize for top score in the *Accumulated age of rider and machine + time in seconds section.

Warm congratulations to the prize winners, Kate getting to hold the ‘Black Cog’ Trophy for a year, which she strapped to the back of her saddlebag before riding with the rest of us to the Rumburgh ‘Buck’ for celebratory drinks.

Thank you Cally for a truly splendid afternoon.

A gallery of shots taken during the afternoon: [nggallery id=25]


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