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Paris-Brest-Paris 2015

Tricyclists have again appeared in the PBP, sadly Jim Hopper ran out of time 140 kms short of Paris, having developed knee problems during the ride. Tandem-trike riders Mark Brooking and Jane Moore, Aiden Hedley and Judith Swallow all finished, Mark and Jane in 83 hrs 19 mins, Aiden and Judith in 87 hrs 22 mins after some roadside repairs to their left hand wheel which had lost spokes. Dan Howard on solo trike finished in 81 hrs 21 mins. Riding a bicycle and finishing in 76 hrs 23 mins was Ben Elliott, son of Richard who rode in 1979. Ben stirred up the competition a few years ago before he was called up to compete on the track. Also riding a bike was Kate Churchill, finishing in 79 hrs 32 mins.

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