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President’s Badge and Ribbon of Office

Presented in 1978 by Miss H Dover in memory of her brother Oscar Dover and incorporating his Honorary Life Member’s Badge.

President’s Silver Goblet
Purchased in 1980 by members in memory of C. Edmund Green and for the use of the President at the National Dinner.

Chairman’s Gavel and Block
Presented in 1978 by the Association in memory of Oscar Dover for the use of the National Chairman.

The Book of Honour
Donated by the Tuffnell family and members of the Association in memory of Ron Ward and other members of The Tricycle Association who have served in a notable manner and also in memory of the Honorary Life Members of the Association. The book records the names and brief resumes of members who have contributed to the furtherance of the Association above and beyond the call of duty. The National Executive Committee have decided that only deceased members shall be entered and that prowess in the field of competition is not a valid qualification for inclusion, but service to the Association in other ways is.

Section F – Page F 1 – Issued Jan 2009

Calendar Notes

For Diary Dates beyond those displayed, in the past or future, click on 'View Calendar', then Events can be filtered according the Category. These accumulate so one can filter for South Western Time Trials by choosing 'South West Event' and 'Time Trial' but remember to close filters down by choosing the Filter again before another filter. Dates in the Past or Future can be accessed by clicking on the '<' or '>' either side of the Month display.