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The 2005 A.G.M. approved a proposal that Officers and others on the N.E.C. with specific ongoing jobs should prepare a simple list of their responsibilities with the intention of including this information in the Handbook. The aim of the lists is to inform members as to “who does what” and to clarify areas of possible overlap and confusion. The May 2006 N.E.C. meeting considered and agreed these lists, which were submitted by the individual postholders. The lists are not intended to be job descriptions, nor are they intended to be all-inclusive and are only brief outlines of individual responsibilities. They are in no way intended to restrict the initiative by which individuals can, by the way in which they carry out their jobs, make their own contribution to the wellbeing of the Association and the way in which it operates.

All postholders are responsible to the Tricycle Association, through the National Executive Committee, for the effective execution of their responsibilities, as detailed in the Constitution and Rules of the Association and in the best interests of the Association as a whole. It is expected that postholders will liaise with members of the N.E.C. and other members of the Association as necessary in order to discharge their individual responsibilities.

1. Chairs N.E.C and A.G.M. meetings of the Association.
2. Ensures that the business of the Association is run in compliance with the Constitution and Rules of the Association.
3. Oversees the democratic process in operation on an everyday basis in the Association, mediating when necessary.
4. Makes decisions, in consultation with appropriate Officers and Members, on matters of urgency which may occur between meetings.
5. Writes quarterly notes for the Gazette.

National Secretary:
1. Provides secretarial and support services to the Association under instruction from the N.E.C. and the Chairman.
2. Prepares and circulates agendas and support papers for the N.E.C. and the A.G.M.
3. Takes minutes of meetings and maintains appropriate records.
4. Deals with correspondence and acts as contact and information point for enquiries.
5. Custodian of the archive files of minutes and correspondence.
6. Holds archive copies of the Gazette prior to binding.
7. Writes quarterly notes for the Gazette.
8. Maintains current copy of the Handbook, including the Constitution and Rules and arranges for the issue of amendments to the Handbook and the production of new editions when required.
9. Liaises with Officers and Members of the Association to discharge the above responsibilities.

Section E – Page E 1 – Issued Jan 2007

National Treasurer and Membership Secretary:
As National Treasurer:
1. Receives all monies payable to the Tricycle Association and pays them into the Association’s national account.
2. Pays invoices presented to the Association as appropriate.
3. Sends out invoices as appropriate.
4. Keeps account of the income and expenditure of the Association.
5. Prepares the accounts for auditing annually.
6. Produces a balance sheet for the AGM.
7. Proposes appropriate subscription rates at each A.G.M.
8. Informs, and when necessary consults with and acts under the direction of the N.E.C. on all financial matters.
9. Manages the sale of the Association’s stock.
10. Reports regularly to the N.E.C.
11. Writes a quarterly report for the Gazette.
12. Custodian of Womens’ Tricycle Association Archive

As Membership Secretary:
1. Receives members’ subscriptions and keeps records of subscriptions paid.
2. Ensures all subscription monies received are deposited in the National account.
3. Sends out renewal notices and reminder letters as appropriate.
4. Receives membership applications and informs the National Secretary and appropriate Regional Secretaries.
5. Maintains a current address list of members for periodic issue to Members and for circulation of Gazettes and A.G.M. notices.
6. Maintains an e-mail address list for circulation among participating members.

National Captain:
1. Organises the National Dinner and Prize Presentation.
2. Encourages and supports the social activities of the Association by attending as many functions as possible, particularly those where more than one Region is involved.
3. Promotes the Association as much as possible.
4. Writes a quarterly report for the Gazette.
5. Acts as Custodian of the Association’s Photo Archive.
6. Reports regularly to the National Executive Committee.

Time Trial Secretary:
1. When C.T.T. Handbook for the forthcoming season is issued lists all Tricycle Association time trials for the season.
2. About 4 to 5 weeks before each event is run sends to the Event Secretary:
The blank account sheet for the event for completion by the Event Secretary and return to the National Treasurer.
A form for listing the award winners in the event for return to the Time Trial Secretary.
A covering letter of thanks which explains the procedure and the enclosed forms.
3. As results are received from the event secretaries arranges for medals to be engraved in batches.

Section E – Page E 2 – Issued Jan 2007

4. Prior to Annual Dinner collates results, checks that engraving has been done on trophies held by previous year’s winners and arranges any engraving required on any trophies which have been stored in the Time Trial Sec’s care during the past year.
5. Arranges prize presentation for the Annual Dinner and prepares and arranges for printing a list of prize winners for circulation at the Annual Dinner.
6. After the Annual Dinner ensures that the National Secretary receives details of national prizewinners for the purpose of updating the Handbook.
7. Prepares a list of proposed dates for major time trials for the next season for presentation at the A.G.M.
8. Reports regularly to the National Executive Committee.
9. Writes quarterly report for the Gazette.

Tricycle Association Gazette Editor:
1. Edits the Gazette to ensure that it reflect the interests and wishes of the membership.
2. Determines content and arrangement of the Gazette by:
Commissioning, collecting, collating, selecting, editing and arranging material, including advertisements, ensuring, as far as possible, the factual accuracy of the material to be published.
Conferring with contributors, and dealing with related correspondence and telephone calls.
3. Prepares the Gazette for publication at quarterly intervals by:
Negotiating costs and matters of presentation with a printing firm and arranging for publication.
4. Arranges printing and distribution.
5. Liaises as necessary with the Webmaste
6. Reports regularly to the National Executive Committee, especially on matters of editorial policy and expenditure.
7. Custodian of the bound run of the Tricycle Association Bulletin (preceded the Gazette), Tricycle Association Gazette, and the Association’s Book of Honour.
Note on editorial policy:
The Gazette should reflect the interests and wishes of the membership. Normally, every effort should be made to include all contributions from members; however, the Editor must reserve the right to exercise discretion in what is selected for publication. If the Editor decides material should be modified (beyond presentational details), deferred or excluded, the contributor should be informed and an explanation offered.

Tricycle Association Webmaster:
1. Maintains and develops the Association’s Website as:
A public advertisement.
A national and international recruitment vehicle.
A service to members to compliment and supplement the Gazette.
A means to promote tricycling worldwide.
2. Liaises with the Gazette Editor on the publication of “Activities” and “Competition Results”.

Section E – Page E 3 – Issued Jan 2007

3. Provides a resource for National and Regional Officers to support and promote their activities.
4. Provides an accessible source of information on tricycles.
5. Reports regularly to the National Executive Committee.

Tricycle Mileage Chart Organiser and Correlator of Memorials:
As Mileage Chart Organiser:
1. Arranges for blank mileage charts to be circulated with an appropriate issue of the Gazette.
2. Encloses a new blank mileage chart (for use the following year) with all certificates awarded.
3. Ensures that a supply of blank certificates signed by the current President and National Secretary are available for completion prior to the National Dinner.
4. On receipt of completed mileage charts writes out certificate.
5. Arranges presentation of the completed certificates to applicants attending the National Dinner.
6. Posts certificates to applicants not attending the National Dinner.
7. Lists the applicants’ mileages and compiles a précis of the members’ comments submitted with the mileage charts for submission to the Gazette Editor for publication.
As Correlator of Memorials:
1. Carries out an annual check of the condition of memorials to deceased members’ (excluding memorial trophies).
2. About 5-6 weeks before the A.G.M. circulates questionnaire to each memorial’s supervisor.
3. Writes a précis of replies and presents as a report at the A.G.M.
4. Liaises with the National Secretary to ensure that a record is maintained relating to the list of memorial supervisors and the ongoing condition of the memorials.

Tricycle League Organiser:
1. Selects the counting events each year and, after approval by the A.G.M. or N.E.C. publicises them via the Gazette and the Website.
2. Records the points awarded to each competitor throughout the year.
3. Publicises the ongoing positions throughout the year via the Website and the Gazette.
4. Arranges for certificates to be printed and awarded (at the National Dinner if the competitor attends or otherwise by post) to all who score over 100 points in the competition.

An outline list of the responsibilities of Regional Secretaries was also discussed and agreed at the May 2005 N.E.C. This will be found on page E5

Section E – Page E 4 – Issued Jan 2007

Regional Secretary:

This is intended as an outline of the responsibilities of a Regional Secretary.

1. Makes arrangements (including fixing date and venue, preparation of agendas) for Regional A.G.M. and any Regional Committee Meetings which may be necessary.
2. Takes minutes of Regional A.G.M. and any Regional Committee Meetings held.
3. Deals appropriately with regional correspondence.
4. Writes and sends the regional report for each issue of the Gazette to the Gazette Editor by the due date as advertised in the previous Gazette printed. Also provides additional information regarding any events that are available to members to participate in, if possible include a contact number.
5. Attends, or nominates a regional representative to attend, N.E.C. and A.G.M. meetings.
6. Prepares and submits to National Secretary all reports concerning the region including any propositions, in order to be included in the agenda for N.E.C and A.G.M meetings.
7. Maintains a record of regional accounts and submits it to the National Treasurer at the years end or when requested.
8. Receives any comments made by members appertaining to Association affairs, and where possible advises or refers them to the appropriate officer or committee member.
9. Contacts new and re-joined members within the region to encourage and help them enjoy all the benefits of the Association.
10. Ensures all affiliations by the region, including those payable to C.T.T. and other local cycling associations to which the Region may wish to affilliate, are made.
11.Ensures that all applications for time trials promoted by the region are forwarded to the C.T.T. regional date-fixing meetings.

Section E – Page E 5 – Issued Jan 2007

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