Held on Sunday 25 April 2021

Award winners

1st Fastest – Ian Pike, Lincoln Wheelers – TA Gilt Medal   

1st Handicap – Sid Charlton, Lincoln Wheelers – TA Gilt Medal

    Full Result
Psn. No. Name Club Time Hcp Hcp time
1 16 Ian Pike Lincoln Wheelers 1-05-24 Scr. 1-05-24
2 10 Mark Vowells San Fairy Ann CC 1-07-54 1-30 1-06-24
3 14 Sid Charlton Lincoln Wheelers 1-17-31 18-30 59-01
4 12 Geoff Booker Oxonian CC 1-19-39 10-00 1-09-39
5 02 Richard Bailey Redhill CC 1-28-06 16-30 1-11-36
6 04 Ms Lauren Pike Lincoln Wheelers 1-33-37 33-00 1-00-37
7 06 Terry Fearn Thanet RC 1-49-39 34-30 1-15-09
DNF:   Adrian Hills Eastbourne Rovers CC

Congratulations to Ian Pike on another excellent winning ride, to Sid for taking the handicap award with a big improvement, and to Lauren for producing a very good first time on this course on a very hard morning.  My thanks to all riders for their support, and to all who turned out to help: Paul Mepham (timekeeper), Malcolm Strickland, John Hastings, Bryan Heasman, Mick Morris, Tim Wardlow, Paul Buckley, Roy Canning and Richard Boxall (marshals).  A special thanks as always to John Hastings for publicising the event over the winter period. 

Forthcoming TA events:

Sunday 6 June – South Eastern Region ‘100’ for the Fliss Beard Memorial Trophy – Q100 (Ham Street), 06.00hrs

Saturday 19 June – South Eastern Region ‘10’ – Q10/25 (Isle of Grain), 15.00hrs

Sunday 11 July – South Eastern Region Stan Spelling Memorial ‘50’ – Q50/11, 06.30hrs

Sunday 1 August – South Eastern Region Mike Ducker Memorial ‘25’ – Q25/8 (Chilham), 08.00hrs

Sunday 5 September – South Eastern Region 12 hour – Q12(Brenzett), 05.30hrs


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