This is the result of today’s ’10’:

Actual Hcp  Hcp Time

1 Mark Vowells  CC Bexley                    25-59    Scr.   25-59

2 Andy McCall    Thanet RC                   30-18    6-00   24-18   1st Hcp

3 Richard Bailey  Redhill CC                   30-40   5-30   25-10

4 Ian Mackenzie  Southend Wheelers  33-32   6-30   27-02

5 Paul Blacker      CC Bexley                     38-38  11-00  27-38

DNS (apology): Chris Hutchinson (Redhill CC)

Conditions were windy with a strong tailwind to the turn and a hard second five miles, particularly towards the finish near the Isle of Grain itself, which is very exposed.  This was Paul Blacker’s first ride on a tricycle, and he was pleased with his time, he has only been riding a tricycle for a few weeks and is a prospective new TA member.  Andy was pleased with his ride in only his second time trial on a tricycle and he was pleased to win the handicap.  He also indicated he will come to the SE lunch to collect his medal!  It is good that we are picking up some new members in the SE Region!


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