The result of this event held with the CC Bexley open ’10’ was as follows:

TA Event

Psn. Name                            Club                                 Time                Hcp                Hcp Time

1      Ian Pike                        Lincoln Wheelers             24:23              SCR                24:23

2      Mark Vowells               San Fairy Ann CC Ltd     25:40              00.45               24:55

3      Wayne Baker                Team Echelon                   28:21             06:00               22:21

4      Richard Bailey              Redhill CC                       31:14             06:00               25:14

5      Andy McCall                Thanet RC                        31:41              06:45              24:56

6       Adrian Hills                 Eastbourne Rovers C C    36:12             19:30               16:42

7      Paul Ansell                    CC Bexley                       40:27              14:30               25:57

8      Trevor Oliver                San Fairy Ann CC Ltd      51:27*           18:00               33:27

* Includes 4 minutes late start

The ride of the day was by Adrian who took the handicap by over 5 minutes, a great ride!  Trevor was unlucky to suffer a late start but still completed the event, meaning all riders started and finished.  Ian set a new course record for tricycles with his 24-23, the previous best being 25-10 by me in 2019.  It was quite windy but the wind was behind on the long climb to the turn, the best way round on this course.

Many thanks to Richard and Debbie Boxall for promoting the accompanying CC Bexley ’10’ and to other TA members Bob Aves, assistant timekeeper, John Hastings and Tom Wakefield (turn marshals) and to Dave Abbotts (main timekeeper) – not yet a TA member but we are working on him!


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