This is the result of the Stan Spelling Memorial 50, a tricycle time trial league event, held today:

19 July     South Eastern Region Stan Spelling Memorial ’50’         Q50/11 (Ham Street, Kent)

No Name                    Club                            Hcap Time              Actual
1     Lez Young            Middlesex RC            2-10-24                   2-21-49    1st Hcp
2     John Thompson  Severn RC                  2-26-41                   2-26-41
3     Ian Mackenzie     Southend Whs          2-23-26                  2-41-56
4     Richard Bailey      Redhill CC                  2-31-35                  2-47-35

We had rain, at times heavy, during most of the event, but winds were light.  Lez is in great form, and has now won two of the three SE events held so far this season.


  1. Where did the picture of me on the Gurkha bridge come from. I contacted the guy who took it and asked for a copy but got no responce. Can you send me an electronic copy please.

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