The Criterium League is incorporated in races organised by The British Human Powered Club at closed-circuit venues around the country. No racing Licences or membership of the BHPC are required, so racing is not expensive. You just pay the entry fee. See the Winter 2021 Gazette for more details. The calendar for 2022 is:

2 Apr (Sat) Colchester
8 May (Sun) Stourport
Criterium Championship Event for the Betty Covington Memorial Trophy
22 May (Sun) Salt Ayre Leisure Centre, Lancaster

23 Jul (Sat) Rhyl
24 Jul (Sun) Rhyl
7 Aug (Sun) Bath
28 Aug (Sun) Darley Moor
29 Aug (Mon) Darley Moor
17 Sep (Sat) Gravesend
18 Sep (Sun) Gravesend
16 Oct (Sun) Hillingdon


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