The weekend started, as it should, on the Friday. Alan and Ian arriving earlier in the afternoon, to unlock and start the fire, and Martin Badham also arriving early to meet up with the trophy delivery girl, Jayne Moore, who left after a listful look at the liquor cupboard. Old timer Mick Henighan had been found in the Pub Organiser Mike Keen arrived with his new wife, Frida Wezel, just in time to head for an adequate dinner and some good beer at The Ash. We returned to the Hut, ensconced ourselves before the fire and , under the gently hissing gas light , poured the statutory nightcap, or three, We retired to bed in good order, loudest snorers first. That’s Martin. And Alan.

We arose , with the help of the early morning cuppa,. The weather was murky with rain threatening.

After some surgery to Mikes’ trike (brakes are good) , Michael changed into his racing attire(?) , proving the stretching qualities of the TA strip, and he and Martin headed off into the thickening damp and the mountainous lanes of West Essex. Lunch was taken at the Rosey Lea tearoom, Wickham Hall, where our two trikies were later joined by the car borne division, who had wisely left Frida to some peace and quiet at the Hut. After a good lunch, our dangerous duo (see Michael and Martins crash record) headed off down a convenient footpath , returning to the Hut in time for tea. Statistics: 13.5 miles at 7mph. Fastest speed, 26mph. 2 miles of Bridleway, 1300 metres of climbing. 2hrs, excluding lunch.

Dinner that night was Frida’s Meatballs in rich pasta sauce, fusilli pasta, cheese and leek salad crunch, and an Eton Mess for dessert. How she creates this luverly grub…. All washed down with Michael’s Homebrew. Sid Charlton appeared during dessert, having checked out Race HQ , and was soon enticed into the ways of the Hut. Dave McCarthy turned up, also needing feeding. He was loaded with paperwork for the Comet 25 and the electronics to do it. Sorry mate, the only power at the Hut is, mostly, Hot Air.

Sunday dawned cold and bright. A northerly wind promised a good day on the E1. Michael got the fire going and tea was brewed. We left Sid to a more leisurely start and headed to Race HQ.

Here the famous Bacon Sarnies were being sorted by Don and Gloria. For the last time! Dave McC was sorting the last of the Marshals and signage. The TA stuff was soon laid out, and the first riders were signing on by 7am.

Though chilly, the morning held good to its promise with a number of PB’s and Colin Ward’s superb

50-50, only shaded by Gavin Hinxman’s 1-00-22 on the trike. Ian Pike did well with a 1-04-10.

Mark enjoyed the sightseeing, and the rest made excuses, like Table Tennis injury- no training- stayed at the Hut. After the race and some pear and apple scrumping, we returned back to the Hut and sausage sarnies served up by Frida. Everyone got stuck in to clearing up, and we were off by 3pm.

Apologies were received from Michael Gelder and Lez Young. Michael was going to stay at the Hut, with his son. Swollen neck glands laid him low. Lez had a coming together with some mountain bikers, when they carved in too tight. Hitting the brakes, Lez went over the top and ate tarmac.

Lez is bruised and black-eyed, but the trike is fine.

As Organiser and Event Secretary, I had a thoroughly good weekend. Even the rain didn’t spoil the Saturday ride . I can only thank everyone for mucking in when asked. Frida as always organised the provisioning, and me, and again came up with a treat for our dinner.

We will be hosting the Spring Bash at the Hut in late March. Booking details will follow.

Thank You All, and remember, as I write, there are only 11 Shopping Saturdays ‘till Christmas .


TA Result sheet 2018



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