Terry Kelly waiting for Sharrow Fifty Start - 6th July 1969It is with great sadness that the death of North Eastern Region member, Terry Kelly (Yorkshire Century R.C.), is reported. He was 87, and first joined the Association in 1956. He continued his enthusiasm for sport through to the end. A formidable distance competitor, he was always cheerful and ready to help others.

His Funeral will be held at 10.30 am on Tuesday, 28th June at Hughes Chapel, 180, York Road, Leeds, LS9 9NT.


  1. Fate moves in mysterious ways. I never met Terry but Martin Purser told me that Terry had also been an ultra distance runner before turning to bikes and trikes and mentioned he’d run a few Comrades Marathons (56 miles) in South Africa. I managed to find Terry’s results and see which years he ran. Incredibly, in 2002, we were both running the race. Comrades is known as possibly the world’s toughest road ultra and to do your first at 69 is incredible. Unlike most marathons, there are cut offs along the way which are brutally adhered to. If you miss one – or the final cut off, you are not allowed to continue or cross the finish line. This makes a bond between Comrades runners which is hard to explain – even if you’ve never met.
    I am sorry I never met Terry but there is some delight too in knowing that 14 years ago we once shared the road I reckon made me, 6000 miles away.

  2. Really upset to hear of Terry’s passing – a true gent

    I first met Terry in the Burton gym where as a pensioner he would put us fit youngsters to ahame, effortlessly lifting heavier weights and doing more crunches – always with a smile and story.

    Then in his 60’s not happy with cycling to Blackpool and back he decided to start up marathon running which he continued in to his 70s.

    A truly remarkable athlete and a true gent – I am only sorry I missed his funeral and the opportunity to pay my deep respect

    God bless

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