The Thames Valley region is not having an AGM this year as there would have only been five people attending and the minimum required is seven.

We desperately need people to come on to the committee. Emmeline wants to stand down as secretary / treasurer and we need a Chairman as well as ordinary committee members. Chris Hewitt has done the captains job for many years and organised a lot of interesting events over the years. I’m sure he would appreciate some help with that.

Chris and Geoff are both 73 and still working, and Emmeline is now in her 80s. John Bridgeman and Audrey Hughes are also in the 80s, Ken Rogers is not in good health and in his 80s too. Peter Bridge has moved away and unable to attend meetings now.

If we can’t recruit people to the committee and get create some interest, it is quite possible that the region very soon will cease to exist. If there is anyone in the region who would like to join the committee and help to revive the region, please get in touch with Geoff Booker, Chris Hewitt or Emmeline.


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