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Thames Valley Time Trial League events

Geoff has changed the TV region events, previously Maidenhead Hilly on 7th March and Reading 25 on 4th July.  Later in the year which is probably a good thing.  I know that new April event clashes with a league event in the SE, but they are geographically far enough apart not to effect entries.  Similarly, the September event clashes with the SE 12 hour, but I don’t think that will be a problem either.

1- Oxonian CC Hilly 36 at  Charlbury

25th April

Course H36/18

Entry £12.00

Closing date 13th April

Start time 10.00

2- Maidenhead Hilly 29

5th September

Course H29/18

Entry £12.00

Closing date 24th August

Start time 9.00

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