The “Bernard Wood” Memorial Trophy 15 held on 6th May on the V724 saw the beating of Tricycle Team Competition Record broken, provisionally, twice by the Lincoln Wheelers boys. Ian Pike, Andy Newham and Gary Wright beat their own record of 1:56:43 by 26 seconds, only for Lez Young to then finish to push Gary out by taking another 5 seconds off to 1:56:12. Steve Brown (39:29) riding for The Tricycle Association (North Eastern Region) split the Lincoln Wheelers by finishing in third position. Jim Lawley of Barrow Central Wheelers was fastest on Handicap, beating National Captain David Hardy by 27 seconds.

Ruth Crossley and Colin Knapp powered their tandem to finish in a time of 39:05.

Road conditions were good with a dry, sunny day and a cool breeze.

Full provisional result can be found on the 2019 Results page


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