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The Eastern 100 2017

The North Norfolk Wheelers are reviving their 100 for 2017, an event that the TA (Eastern Region) have participated in in past years. The event starts at 12 noon and the new promoter is concerned that the tricycles may cause the event to drag on past 7 p.m. We have negotiated to start the trike event an hour earlier, 11 a.m. and provide marshalls for the first hour, when other marshalls will take over. I am therefore putting out a call to members of the Eastern Region for volunteers to fulfill these jobs. I need to hear by 26th September, the final date for submission of events for 2017 in the East District. The date is likely to be 20th May 2016, the alternative date offered was 27th but I have explained that this clashes with an important weekend on the tricycling calendar. This is a good old fashioned course, somewhat sporting, and a welcome change from the dual carriageway dragstrips.

Ferg will also be issuing a similar plea in a forthcoming newsletter.

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