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The Eric Madgett Memorial 25 – Eastern Region 30th March

In contrast to last year’s event that was postponed for a few weeks due to snow the event was held on a wonderful spring day. Eric’s son Mick sent all but one tricyclist on their way, Ferg having to travel at the last minute by train when the chauffeur discovered that his car battery was flat on the morning. Said chauffeur managed, with the help of the RAC, to get to the turn in time to catch the tail end of the field. Thankfully the Thetford roundabout was well staffed with marshalls.

Barry Charlton ripped through the field and was a trifle disappointed in finishing 55 seconds outside the hour, also beating all comers in the supporting events for medium gear (72”) riders and those on Pre 1980 spec. machines. Marcus Hopkins was nearest competitor with 1:15:48 with Ian Mackenzie netting the Handicap award.

There followed the chat over tea and cakes before Ferg led a club run along the beautiful Waveney valley finishing at Redgrave Cross Keys where we sat in the sunshine for our lunch. We then separated to go our own ways home after a splendid days sport.

Photos courtesy of Rod Gathercole and Ferg Muir.

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