As some of you know, the South Eastern Region have decided to postpone the ’25’ on Sunday 1st August, along with the AGM and lunch and to reschedule for Sunday September 19, using the same course and start time for the ’25’, with the AGM and lunch to follow.  Mark Vowells has sent the message below to all riders.  Many thanks to everyone who agreed to marshal or help in some way.

I have applied to the CTT for the event to be moved back on the CTT website and the new date is confirmed.  I am also waiting for a call back from Stephanie, the village hall manager, to rebook the hall for the new date.  If this does not work out, we have Old Wives Lees and Chilham Sports Hall as alternatives.  I will submit a new police notice in the next few days.

The Halfway House landlord has taken an initial booking for the new date, with no problem with the cancellation.

Riders from the original event can withdraw, but hopefully they will stay in and we may pick up a few more as well?

Dear Riders
I am sorry but we have decided to postpone this Sunday’s ’25’, AGM and lunch, due to up to 3 sets of roadworks which may be on the course on the day.  I have asked for the event to be rescheduled to Sunday September 19, same course and start time.  I hope you will be able to ride on the new date, but you can withdraw if you prefer, not sure about the levy though, we can also accept new entries.
Best wishes


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