…. was held on 29th October, starting at 9:30. We were very pleased to see Sid Charlton back in the Chair, having recovered from his illness that put him out of action for much of the year. The official business was dealt with efficiently with a few additional comments to the various reports. A forthcoming feature of the website, when the Memorials Secretary and Webmaster have sorted it out, will be details of the Memorials to Tricyclists around the country.

Membership will remain at £10.00 Full Members and £5 for Family Members. Mary Hardy has taken the role of Membership Secretary over from Alison Purser, who has announced her intention of retiring as Treasurer at the next AGM.

A ballot of members present was held to choose the new President for the next three years. Roger Alma was elected over Peter Holland. Congratulations, Roger, on your appointment.

There was discussion of plans for celebrating our 90th year in 2018/ 19. Currently a long social weekend in the Midland Region incorporating the Spelling/ Noad Championships and a meeting hosted by the Thames Valley are planned. More events from the other Regions, details to National Captain Dave Hardy, please.

The meeting was closed at 10:55.


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