Steve Avery has let us know that Tom Graystock passed away on Tuesday 28th April after contracting Covid-19 the previous weekend. He will be much missed. Our tender sympathies to Pauline and Steve Avery and his family.


  1. An old photo of myself and Malcolm Green riding tandem trike in the 1987? Tandem Club Championship 30 brought back memories, and I decided to search for “Tom and Pauline Graystock”. Sadly this was the first entry which came up. We met Tom and Pauline in about 1985 when riding Didcot Phoenix club events. My wife and I would occasionally turn out to ride on our stripped down Jack Taylor touring tandem, whilst Tom and Pauline usually rode their tandem trike conversion. Together we hatched a plan to swap machines for a season so that Tom and Pauline could have a go at the Oxford RC mixed tandem records. Before being let loose on their long barrow Tom and I rode a 10 on the A34, returning to the timekeeper in just over 23 minutes. The following week I was to ride up front. We arrived at Stadhampton only to find that Tom had misread the calendar and we were at the wrong location. Too late to go to the correct event we decided to ride the course anyway. The Stadhampton to Watlington course has a twisty downhill section, not ideal for a novice trike rider. Through the bends I steered, but not enough, caught the inside wheel on the verge which spun us off the road. The long barrow and I went through a hawthorn hedge and barbed wire fence. Tom aged 57 landed hard on his back, half on the road, half on the verge. He jumped on the front wheel to get it true enough to pass through the forks. He suggested that we continue to ride the course, but I insisted that we ride back to the start as we had just a single hub brake.
    Tom damaged his back and required six weeks off work to recover, but two days after our incident turned up at our house with the long barrow on the roof of his car and also his solo trike (the one seen in the photos above) for me to get used to riding.
    Tom & Pauline recovered in time to ride one of our North Road CC Club 50s and beat the Oxford Road Club mixed Tandem record. Malcolm and I had our first ride together the day before the event and missed out on the NRCC club record by less than 10 seconds. The following month we rode the Tandem Club 30, beating our club record and holding the Tandem Club record for a few minutes until a pair of real trikies took another couple of minutes off our time.
    We had kids and quit time trialling, loosing track with Tom and Pauline, but have fond memories of a generous couple.

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