The Reunion Dinner was held at The Link Hotel in Loughborough in the evening of Saturday 28th October. There were 65 places booked and many old acquaintances renewed. 

A dozen tricyclists led by Harold Heyworth, including two tandem trikes and a couple who had not brought their extra wheels, departed the car-park on a jaunt into the wind and uphill into the depths of Charnwood Forest to indulge in afternoon tea at the St Joseph’s Tea Rooms. We were rewarded for our efforts against gravity by a long whoosh back through Nanpantan to The Link for a wash and brush-up before dinner. The meal was well received with lively cross-toasting before the speeches and an inspiring illustrated talk from Kasja Tylen about her preparations and experiences for her record breaking year in the saddle in 2016. 

Kasja then distributed the medals, trophies and certificates supported by Paul Potter and Lez Young before the traditional singing of Auld Lang Syne followed by some more social chatting. 

It was close to midnight before many of us found our beds, to make use of the extra hour given us that weekend. 



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