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Tricycle Association Spring Gazette

The Tricycle Association Spring Gazette is with the printers; however, because of the present restrictions, Tucann design and print has had to shut down for the time being.  It is not possible to predict in these uncertain times when they will be able to resume work.  I apologise to all members for the unavoidable delay.  The Spring Gazette will be circulated as soon as possible when printing resumes.  

Members looking to buy a tricycle advertised in the Sales and Wants section of the Gazette may be particularly disappointed.   I will, as an exceptional measure, pass details of tricycles for sale as advertised in the as yet unpublished Spring Gazette, on application.  Only the text will be sent.  My e-mail address can be found in previous Gazettes or on this website. This service is confined to members of the Tricycle Association.

Roger Alma


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