Tricycle Criterium League 2014


This season, the league will be run using the British Human Power Club (BHPC) schedule of events. These are held all round the country so most people will have the opportunity to have a go somewhere.
They are held on close circuits which all vary in length and flatness. There is one event on an outdoor velodrome at Scunthorpe.
Races seem to last about 45 minutes to an hour.
Everyone is friendly and their machines are quite interesting to look at if you get time to look around.
The quicker fully faired machines could be reaching speeds of around 40 MPH. Quite amazing to watch.
There are 15 events in all including our own event, The International Challenge at Fowlmead.
The first BHPC event is at Hillingdon Circuit on April 13th and unfortunately clashes with the Thames Valley 36 mile.


The Betty Covington Trophy will be awarded to the leading member of the Tricycle Association in the Darley Moor event on the 13th July. In the event of an overseas member winning it, it will be held in the UK on their behalf.


How the BHPC racing works


No Licence or membership is required. So it is cheap to enter. Most events cost around £10 or £12 Just turn up at the venue and sign on for the race. Sometimes there are two races that you can enter, in which case the T.A. League result will be on the first race only. You can do the second for fun! If enough racers are in attendance there will be an event for the faster riders and one for the slower. ENTER the SLOWER section. Or you will get eaten alive! You will be racing with all manner of machines, but don’t worry, the field will soon thin out. You will be given a race number but not a body number. This you have to provide. You will keep the same number for three years. Your race number needs to be fitted so that the lap scorers can see it. AT THE FRONT of your machine. You can stick it on your helmet or your arm if you wish, but make sure it can be seen. So take along something to write the number on and a way of displaying it. Keep it for the next event. The scoring for the T.A League will be as per the existing rules with the following alterations. The races will not be run by British Cycling under their rules. There is no minimum number of tricycle riders required. If you are the only upright trike in the event you get maximum points. The event details can all be found on the BHPC website Results are posted on the BHPC website so your result will be taken from there. Geoff Booker will collate the T.A. league for 2014.


Date Region Activity
13th Apr 2014 Thames Valley Criterium League – Hillingdon Circuit
4th May 2014 South West Criterium League – Bath
25th May 2014 North East Criterium League – York
14th Jun 2014 North West Criterium League – Lancaster
15th Jun 2014 North West Criterium League – Preston
13th Jul 2014 North East Criterium League – Darly Moor Race Circuit Championship
26th Jul 2014 South East Criterium League – Fowlmead Country Park
27th Jul 2014 South East Criterium League – Gravesend
24th Aug 2014 North West Criterium League – Kames (Ayrshire)
14th Sep 2014 North West Criterium League – Rhyl
20th Oct 2014 Thames Valley Criterium League – Hillingdon Circuit



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