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Tricycles in the Czech Republic

Dear tricycle fans,

my name is Lada Ekrtová, I´m a handicapped tricycle rider form Czech Republic. I found your great web site, so maybe you can find my personal web sites interesting too.

Best regards and great season 2015!


Hi Lada,
    Its good to hear from you. Your tricycle looks very interesting, is it of Czech manufacture? Whereabouts were you racing in the photos?
    If you ever come to the UK, let me know and I’ll try and see if there are any tricycle gatherings convenient for you to meet us.
Hi Martin,

thank you, I love my trike 🙂 We invented it together with small manufacturer here in Czech Republic. It has to be adapted to my handicap, so the shifting and brakes are on the left hand (I´m a paralised on the right site of body after the accident on bicycle).

We are racing all over Europe … Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Italy ….

If I will ever visit the UK, it woul be nice to meet you trike racers!


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