The Tricycle Association was formed in 1928; and over the intervening decades it has developed to become a national organisation that caters for most tricyclists. Nationally the Association is organised and run by an Executive Committee. Activities are also organised regionally. There are seven Regions of the Association in the U.K., and members elect to join one of these. Each Region has a small committee that organises a social and racing programme. There are also a growing number of overseas members. Throughout the year social runs are held, often in conjunction with racing events.

Throughout the season members can accrue points in the Time Trial League and Criterium League.The Tricycle Association Gazette is published quarterly: free to members, it serves to keep everyone informed of National and Regional activities, besides providing interesting reading on tricycles and tricycling, and an opportunity for members to exchange views. Tricyclists form a unique community within the cycling world – a group of friends with a keen interest in the past, present and future of the tricycle and tricycle riding.


  1. We bought a tricycle for my disabled husband in the hopes he would get active but he is unable to use it. It is a large frame trike with a basket on the back. I have used it for shopping but have wrecked my back using it as it is way too big. We need to sell it. We aren’t members of the T Association. Would we be able to advertise through the gazette?

    1. Good afternoon Tracey, You can advertise in the Gazette at a charge of £5 (£10 with a photo). Contact the Editor: Roger and Myra Alma, 28 Landsdowne Gardens, Llantarnam, CWMBRAN, Gwent, NP44 3GB, Tel: 01633 861266

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